Welcome new GMs!

Dear players,

Yesterday 2 new GM’s have officially joined our team and more new faces will follow during this week.. We are very glad, that the interest in a GM position has been so high and it was very hard to choose from you. It is a pity that none of our female players applied to join our team. Maybe in time.

Anyway, the recruitment of new GM’s is suspended until further notice. We would like to thank this way to everyone who applied. We really appreciate it.

Our new GMs are both guys weathered by the heat of other communities and complete novices. We hope that they will like it on Sinister at least as they like it in our team, and that you will be considerate to them.

Our new GM’s are namely:


Maybe one more will be added during the week. We will see. Although these boys are recruited as GM’s, we like to call them Service GM’s. It means their GM rights are set to minimum and their main purpose is to communicate with players ingame and forward important information back to us. GM rights as well as their use can and will change over time. It is unfortunately true that all team members are quite old (gentlemen, forgive me :-)) and we are being occupied by our daily responsibilities. We lack the time needed for players ingame. Thanks to our new GM’s we would like to achieve a status, that each day at least one GM will be online to solve your common ingame problems, or to guide your queries and suggestions to the right places.

We would like to thank our new members for their interest in helping us and players.

We also thank our players for giving them a chance. :-)

For all members of our team, Wiki


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