We introduce you ... Sinister

Dear Players;

Once again we bring you hot news regarding our new H5 server.

Based on the consensus of our team we have decided that rates will be as follows:

4x Drop
3x Spoil (tests still pending, may be further adjusted)
4x Adena
4x Quest exp
4x Quest adena
2x Boss Drop

The rates will be again retested prior to server launch, so they may still slightly change. There is still an ongoing discussion about spoil rates.

Concerning the server name, we picked around 15 nice names from your suggestions. We added the names proposed by our team members and we agreed that our international project will not bear the hallmark of brand Elmore, because we want to differentiate this project from our other projects. Nevertheless we will keep the Elmore brand for possible Czech projects. In the end, we did not pick the name from any suggestions. During a brainstorming discussion we came up with the name Sinister. We like it very much and we hope you will like it too.

To this name we have registered a domain www.l2sinister.com (also .eu which is redirected).

On this website you can find a small banner with basic information about server, which we will substitute with a completely new web during September. All important information and progress will be from now on published also there.

On behalf of our GN team, Wiki


Server Time:GMT+1

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