Watermellon event

Dear players,

You can drop items called Watermelon Nectar during the hunting of monsters these days. Bring them to Puss the Cat and she will tell you how to grow these Watermellon Seeds. You can change 1 Watermelon nectar for 1 Watermellon Seed or 50 Watermelon Nectars for 1 Honey Watermellon Seed. According to it the rewards are little different and they also have different probabilities of drop.

Event will run from this day till 8th June 2014. The NPC will stay in the towns till thursday 12th June 2014.



How to grow watermellon?

  1. Go to Puss the Cat and exchange the collected nectars for the seed(s). Small seed for 1 nectar, honey seed for 50 nectars.
  2. Also exchange with Puss the Cat 10 Watermellon nectars for a Chrono Instrument. Equip this item.
  3. Then click on the seed to plant it to the ground.
  4. Target the mellon and click on the Nectars to water the watermellon seedling - you need to water it several times (at least 5x)
  5. When the  watermellon seedling changes you can hit it.

What can I gain from Watermellons?

There are several types of Watermellons - small and honey. Both of them can grow up in a Low Quality or High Quality Watermellons. Some of them can also change into a remarkable tasty Watermellons. The higher quality, the higher probability to gain better rewards.


Rewards from Watermellons:

  • Crystals: A-Grade/S-Grade: A crystal of A or S grade.
  • Gemstones A/S: A gemstone of A or S grade.
  • Healing Potions: Greater Healing Potion, Greater Quick Healing Potion.
  • Greater Elixirs of CP: All grades. Regenerates CP.
  • Greater Elixirs of Life: All grades. Regenerates HP.
  • Greater Elixirs of Mental Strength: All grades. Regenerates MP.
  • Giant's Codex/Oblivion/Discipline/Mastery: Giant's Codex basic, Oblivion, Discipline or Mastery.
  • Scroll: Enchant Weapon A/S: A scroll of Enchant Weapon A-grade or S-grade.
  • Blessed Scroll: Weapon Enchant A/S: A blessed scroll of Enchant Weapon A-grade or S-grade.
  • Blessed Scroll: Armor Enchant A/S: A blessed scroll of Enchant Armor A-grade or S-grade.
  • High-Grade Life Stone Level 67/70/76/80: A high-grade life stone of level 67, 70, 76 or 80.
  • Top-Grade Life Stone Level 67/70/76/80/82/84: A top-grade life stone of level 67, 70, 76, 80, 82 or 84.
  • Red/Green/Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 14/15/16: A red, green or blue soul crystal of stage 14, 15 or 16.
  • Cloned Watermellon Seed or Cloned Honey Watermellon Seed - another kind of seed with a special bonus reward


Wish you good luck in farming! :-) Your GM team


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