Valentine event 2014

Dear Players,

Saint Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Although promotional tricks say otherwise, Saint Valentine’s Day is not just a day of lovers. It is also a day, when we can thank our close friends or people that we care about. We can tell them that we appreciate them very much, that they are important to us and that we thank them for being there for us. And because many of us are not able to say it out loud, we have devised a variety of gifts that we give to our loved ones. The value of the present is not equivalent to the extent of our feelings. And because we celebrate this holiday also in our country each year, you can look forward to Valentine Cakes here on L2Sinister, which you can give to people you care about.

Our Valentine’s event will start on Thursday 13th of February 2014 and will run until next Thursday 20th of February 2014. Miss Queen (Event Manager) will be present until 23rd of February 2014. On this day we will also delete all remaining unused items obtained through fishing - Premium Valentine Decoration Pack(tradable) and Premium Valentine Decoration(not tradable).

Your guide during this event will be Miss Queen. You can pick up a Valentine Cake recipe from her and bake your cakes according to it - you can find the recipe in Common Craft. It has 95% probability of success. Each cake is made from the following ingredients:

10x Valentine Dark Chocolate

10x Valentine White Chocolate

5x Valentine Fresh Cream

Yummy! ;-)

As it happens, when there is something good to eat in the pantry, a gang of unidentified bandits makes a swipe at our pantry and takes away all the ingredients.:-(

Nobody confessed to this crime, so it is up to you, brave heroes, to track down the bandits and retrieve the necessary ingredients.

Once you acquire the ingredients for several cakes, feel free to process them and concentrate. If you are skilled confectioners you can get great rewards!

How does it work? Just craft as many Cakes as possible from the ingredients you have and then right-click the cakes. From each cake you will receive a reward.  What reward? That depends on your luck and skill. :-) You can also receive a higher quality cake, which has a chance for a much better reward than the basic cake. Miss Queen has the list of cakes and rewards in her possession.

If you turn over a Decadent Valentine Cake (level 4 cake) together with Premium Valentine Decoration, which can be obtained through fishing, to Miss Queen, she will reward you with the fabulous Heavenly Valentine Cake (level 5 cake) from which you can get completely exclusive rewards.

So don’t forget, that tomorrow is the big day, and on your way from work or school buy something nice. It certainly doesn’t have to be anything expensive or astonishing.

You will see that your other half will appreciate it very much. I strongly believe that even if your darling doesn’t play L2, she will definitely bake you such a cake for remembering (even if you normally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day). :-) Gentlemen will have to devise a different reward, unless they are the culinary masters.

We hope that you will enjoy this event, and for the entire L2Sinister team, we wish you good luck in love while baking cakes. Many happy other halves and remember that anyone can make the Valentine’s day according to his vision, anytime, anywhere! ;-)



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