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Gaming portal provides our players a possibility to use our Team Speak 3 server (hereinafter only TS3). TS is a communication program so we recommend you to buy at least a simple headset (with a microphone).


I want to use TS3. What should I do?

  1. Download and instal TS3 client.
    32-bit version
    64-bit version
  2. There is no need to create your own TS3 account because TS3 allocates you an ID and all the necesarry data is stored on TS server.
  3. How to gain a TS3 clan or alliance room? Send the request for a new room to email or contact us via Ticket. For a TS3 right delegation it is necessary to meet you in your TS3 channel.


1. STEP - Connection

  1. Start Team Speak 3.
  2. Click on menu Connections and choose Connect.
  3. Fill the following fields in according to the enclosed information:

    Server address:
    Nickname:             your nick :)
    Server Password:  there is no password
    And then apply and OK.


2. STEP – Setup

  1. Click on menu Settings and choose the setup wizard. A simple setup guide will appear.
  2. The Wizard maybe wants to know your name but if you are connected on server it should be already filled in.
  3. Then you need to setup your microphone. You can choose the Voice Activation Detection or Push-To-Talk.
  4. Then test your microphone to setup the voice by pushing Test Voice.
  5. Then you can set the Mute button to some or the keys of your keyboard.
  6. Last thing you need to do is to choose a sound pack for TS3 system voice.
  7. At the last window of setup wizard check the box with Open bookmarks.



3. STEP – Adding bookmark for another server

  1. Click on menu Bookmarks and choose Manage Bookmarks.
    (You can see that there is added server now - after a fulfilling a first step of this guide.)
  2. Click on Add Bookmark and a new form will appear. Click on it. A setting is at the bottom.
  3. Fill in the rows according to the following data:
         Label: name of another TS server
         Server address: address of the different server
         Nickname: your :)
         Port: port or another server
         Server Password: if necessary
    Then clik on Apply and OK.
  4. Then just click on Bookmarks and choose one of the added server.




Server Time:GMT+1

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