Rim Kamaloka

Dear players,

from this restart we launch a Rim (Near) Kamaloka. This type of Kamaloka is for 1 player only. You can enter Rim Kamaloka through NPC Pathfinder Worker.

Summary of basic principles:

  • Click on Challenge Rim Kamaloka and enter the instance. Kill as much monsters as you can but you have only 20 mins.
  • At the end you receive a small chest with reward and from 8 to 32 Esence of Kamaloka which you can exchange with NPC Pathfinder Worker for other items:
    • Pathfinder Reward D grade (20% chance for EWB)
    • Pathfinder Reward C grade (15% chance for EWA)
    • Pathfinder Reward B grade (10% chance for EWS)
    • Pathfinder Reward A grade (you can gain Atribut Stone or the luckiest ones can win a Dynasty weapon) 
    • Pathfinder Reward S grade (you can gain Atribut Cruystal or the luckiest ones can win an Icarus weapon, you can also gain a Neolitic Orb S or S80) 
    • Pathfinder Reward AU Karm
    • Pathfinder Reward AR Karm
    • Pathfinder Reward AE Karm



You can enter Rim Kamaloka once per day. Just type the command /instancezone. If you own an item Extra Entrance Pass - Near Kamaloka, you can enter Rim Kamaloka once more during 1 day.

If you find any problem, please, let us know via forum report to Bugsection.


Lock commands

With this restart we also add a fix of Lock commands. These commands can lock your character via a special ingame password you choose. You char is then totally locked and is protected against the robbery or other form of manipulation with its items. There is no possibility of trading items with the locked char, giving but also receiving items. Also the same problem is with selling items - there is no possibility of buying or selling items. This char can not drop anything from its inventory or delete any item it has. So be careful. If you lend your character to other player keep in mind that it should have enough shots, potions or other consumable items. You are allowed to teleport this character, to gain an experience or use skills but any try to harm the charater should be restricted.

Lock system commands is a part of VIP packages. We are very sorry for late fix but we had problems with finding the error and we were forced to deactivate it until further notice.

  • .setlockpw yourpassword = command which sets your ingame password
  • .lock = Lock your char
  • .unlock = Unlock your char

There is no sense in using the .lock command if you use the same password as you have on your game account or email. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORDS which your team mates or friends can find out.

And once more we ask your cooperation - if you find any problem, please, let us know via forum report to Bugsection.


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