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If you can not connect and this notification appears in the game window: Your account has been blocked! For more information please refer to penalty.l2sin.com. This may happen for one of the following reasons:


  1. Login server has blocked your access to game server. In this case the best thing you can do is to write us a Ticket. This authomatic blockage​ can occur for 4 reasons:
    • You did not actualize your game System folder after last Update. Information about Sinister's updates you can find on our forum. If there was an update, start the game via L2Updater and click severatimes on Check files button.
    • During the downloading data via L2Updater your antivirus program deleted some of the necessary files. In this case make an exception for all the System files in your Antivirus program (or for the whole system folder).
    • You made an unauthorized intervention to the Game client or System folder.
    • You used some of the unpermitted external L2 programs (L2 Tower, L2 Control, Ranger, Walker etc.).

  2. Your character was punished. The fact that your character was punished you can find in Sinister Manager in section Game accounts. You can buy yourself out of some penalties in the environment of Sinister Manager.

    Types of BAN: 
    • ​Limited BAN - temporary ban (you can buy yourself out)
    • Perma BAN - permanentn ban (you can buy yourself out)
    • Total BAN - you can not buy yourself out



If any of these possibilities happened to you, we recomment that you clean your PC and set an exception to your AV and then send us a Ticket. Describe your situation and what you already tried to do. In ​99% of all cases we give such players a second chance.


Other questions


How to unban my character?

If your game account is banned and can be unbanned - you can do it in Sinister Manager in Services. Look for a service called Unban Account and click on the orange arrow. 

In the service choose the character and type your pin code.


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