L2Sinister - High Five - 4x rate

The Sinister has launched on 12th October 2013 at 2 p.m.! (GMT +1)

Sinister - the new international Lineage 2 server is a rising star among other Lineage 2 servers you may know. Sinister is created by players for players. Many aspects of the server's settings are set according to our players' wishes so the better playability is guaranteed. Don't you believe us? Just come and try it! You may be surprised!

Our Lineage 2 section has a truly long history. For almost 10 years we have offered our players a great balanced game, a large player's community united around our gaming association and a lot of fun. Our L2 team has much game experience and offer you a professional service and help almost 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Are you looking for a victory? Looking for great mass pvp events? Looking for a friendship or clan made by wonderful people? Looking for a stable background with no interference in the game? Looking for a long-living Lineage 2 server? Welcome to Sinister! Welcome to Lineage 2 server for ambitious gamers...

Our policy is built on no-wipe strategy and no interference into the server's life. You can be sure that your time spent on our server won't be lost and the alliances' policy and clans' cooperation strategy is completely in your hands. This situation is underlined by the fact that none of our GMs are playing on our servers so they are impartial. We talk to players, make the events for you, prepare and run the regular monthly events and help you solve your troubles. 

Still have not created your L2 account? Register your GN account and create one!


Basic server setup

4x Drop
4x Spoil
4x Adena
4x Quest exp
4x Quest adena
2x Boss Drop (only chance, not amount)


Interested in detailed information about server setup and custom features?



Server Time:GMT+1

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