FAQ - Sinister Vendor

The Sinister Vendor is a new NPC-character who can be found in each town or village.



Sinister offers 4 important services:

  • Profession Manager - If you want to pay for your class transfer instead of making class transfer quests.
    • 1st Profession Change - [ 25 G ]
    • 2nd Profession Change - [ 75 G ]
    • 3rd Profession Change - [ 200 G ]
  • Increase Premium Balance - you can buy items in Prime shop on every place in the Lineage 2 world.
    • Increase Premium Balance by 250 points - [ 25 G ]
    • increase Premium Balance by 500 points - [ 50 G ]
    • increase Premium Balance by 1000 points - [ 100 G ]
  • Buy Special Premium Items - these items were removed from the Prime Shop so they could be purchased only in peace zone.
    • Quick Healing Potion*
    • Feather of Blessing*
    • CP Potion*
    • Greater CP Potion*
    • OfflineShop Node** - special item which enables an OfflineShop
  • Purchase a pet:
    • Great Wolf - 55 lvl
    • Improved Baby Buffalo - 55 lvl
    • Improved Baby Kookaburra - 55 lvl
    • Improved Baby Cougar - 55 lvl


Attention: The products and their prices can and will change during the server's aging.
** OfflineShop Node: There is no change in the settings of creating a private store. If players do not want to use an Offlineshop Node they can normally sell ingame their goods by dwarves as usually.


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