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A GameNode Coin is a virtual currency of L2Sinister server. These GameNode Coins (Gees) can be obtained from Donate in Sinister Manager in return for your donations.


What are GameNode Coins for?

  • You can use the paid Services in Sinister Manager such as name change or email change etc.
  • You can use GameNode Coins with Sinister Vendor to:
    • Purchase some goods, pets or new profession,
    • increase Premium balance for Prime Shop.
  • You can sell them to another players.


Premium balance exchange rate?

1   GameNode Coin  =  10 Points of Premium Balance

10 Gamenode Coins = 100 Points of Premium Balance etc.

You can find more information about Premium Balance in section Sinister Vendor.


How can I obtain these GameNode Coins?

Send some money to your GN User Profile and obtain GameNode Coins in return. Your financial data are integrated into Sinister Manager so you can view it there. More information about Donate you can find in the Sinister Manager or in FAQ section.


How to send GN Coins to Game?

In Sinister Manager in Services there is a row named GN Coins transfer. This service allows you to send your GN Coins to game to one of your characters. These Coins can be traded with other players or you can change them with Sinister Vendor for Prime Points.


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