Concerning a new server

Dear Players,

during these holidays we purchased new hardware for our new server. We also managed to get a good server core with the HF expansion including all the scripts and other necessary elements. Currently the server is running in a test version during which we are massively testing quests and the gaming environment. We have already made some fixes, and are working on more fixes as well. We thank you very much for the offered help in testing of our new server, but so far everything is going according to schedule so it is not needed yet. If situation changes we will definitely let you know.

Server is again based on 1Gbit backbone so the connectivity will be awesome.

Juni is working on the new version of Manager, which from now on will run on a joint core. This means that it will be the same for both L2 an WoW. This new version of manager will be launched approximately by the end of september and will be available for both RE and the new server.

In addition to this James is developing a new system for L2 statistics. It will be considerably improved compared to current RE statistics. Also some new interesting areas will be added, for example: trade.

Our handy webmaster Destr has received a new specification for the new look of our website. It will copy the layout of our existing web, but it will be tuned to the shades of brown.

As you can see we have a lot of work on our hands, and we will continue to inform you on further progress.

See you again at the next edition.

Wiki and our GN team


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