Breaking of the rules

Dear players,

in several past days some of our players sold or tried to sell some of their items, characters etc. for real money. And because the situation became unbearable we decided to intervene.

Last 10 days we were really busy due to solving other problems concerning our gaming association (which runs L2Sinister). We also spent several days with upgrading a hardware of our gaming servers/ webservers so we had no time to monitor the situation on the server and we were not able to prevent this awkward situation.

I spent quite a long time with searching the sells in the game logs and I found out that many of our players sold or tried to sold an item/a character for real money or changed items/chars on other servers. If I would be scrupulous I must ban really a lot of our players. But most of them are gone now and these items were bought by players who are actively playing on Sinister. Many of active players who bought anything would be banned now and the result would be just a great fiasco for all. 

I am willing to forget and to draw the bold line even if I am really annoyed that so much players broke the rules. But I warn all of you! From now if I catch anyone who try to sell anything for RM, he/she gets ban on all his/hers characters and also the buyer will be punished. We were benevolent enough but some of you crossed the line.

This is the final warning. There will no appeal to this punishment. And if you lend your characters to other player(s) take note that this is no excuse.

In these days we have made some steps to prevent a similar situation in future and we try to find few more GMs to our team who could point out on an emerging situation.



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