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Dear players, welcome to gaming portal GameNode.cz!

Our portal focuses on MMO games (Mass Multiplayer Online), especially World of Warcraft (WoW), Lineage 2 (L2) and Minecraft (MC).

We offer our players the opportunity to play on finely tuned servers which have no competition on the Czech or Slovak free gaming scene. We are offering a stable background, a number of cool features, superior service and an experienced team that is able to promptly respond and resolve any of your problems. :) Play with us, play with joy and without worry.


Short history of OnlineGamers.cz Association

GameNode.cz as a new gaming portal was officially created 19th January 2013 as a merge of two unique Czech gaming portals - Gamers.cz and Mystiq.org. Although it is a quite young portal it has a long history which started in 2004 when the first Lineage 2 server Bad Dreams was launched. After several months we enlarged the community and changed the servers's name to Light Elmore (C4 1x rate). During next years we expanded and two more L2 servers were created - Dark Elmore (C4 25x with RP support) and Wild Elmore (C4 7x rate). 

Besides the L2 branch a new WoW game server was launched (TBC datadisc) and after some time even a WotLK server was created. All our servers were united under the name OnlineGamers.cz which was officially established in 2007, 22nd February as the OnlineGamers.cz Association

In 2008 - 2009 our aging L2 servers came to the end due to gradual depreciation of hardware and migration of our population to newer L2 datadiscs. After 3,5 years of running they were finished. So we created a new midrate server Elite Elmore (IL 6x) which ran for next 2 years. This server was not succesfull as much as we had hoped because our IL server came very late (that was the time of Gracia Part 2 - Gracia Final on official servers). We learned from our mistakes and listened to the wishes of our L2 community and on July 16th 2011 we launched a new Gracia Final server called Royal Elmore Lineage 2 serverGracia Final 6x which was very popular and it runs till today. But many players are awaiting L2Sinister with High Five datadisc now.

Also our WoW community passed through hard times. A TBC server Sargeras was closed and its population merged with WoTLK server Narnias.

In 2012 the name of our portal was changed to Gamers.cz and in 2013 after a merge of 2 unique game portals we changed the portal name again - to GameNode.cz. With this merge we also renamed our WoTLK server Narnias to Diversity.

In 2013 a young MineCraft project joined our portal. Despite Minecraft's simple graphics this game is extremely popular and completely absorbing. The unfolding worlds on the MC Titan servers are certainly worth the attention of any fan of this game. Have you already played Minecraft? Try it! You'll be surprised. And if you like the idea of helping or shaping the fate of these relatively new worlds, you are more than welcome to join us. Players can now choose between 4 servers joined under the name of MC Titan - Titan Tekkit, Titan Creative and Titan Survival. For more information, please visit the Minecraft Titan server's website.

L2Sinister.com is the newest project of ours. We have an excellent background, many experience with running L2 server and for the first time in our history we want to offer our quality to the entire world of Lineage 2 fans. Project GameNode.cz belongs to the leading providers in the Czech and Slovak scene in all the games we run. Our portal is constantly evolving and improving with time. Thanks to our well coordinated team we can now offer our players great fun, playing without bugs or lags or other inconveniences that you can encounter on other gaming servers.

To make your gamer's life easier we have made a several applications which will help you to manage your accounts, secure the financial transactions or can be used for troubleshooting. Our Manager is an absolutely indispensable helper.

So go ahead and try for yourself the fruits of our labor. You will not regret it!

For the whole team of our portal GameNode.cz I wish you lots of fun and pleasant moments while playing on our servers under the flag of OnlineGamers.cz!


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